Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share some upcoming events happening in the world of XOCH!

I have been selected to perform at the 2005 International Pop Overthrow Festival being held in NYC from November 17-22. All performance will be at The Baggot Inn (82 West 3rd Street NYC)
For more info on IPO, please visit them on the web at http://www.popinternationaloverthrow.com

Check out EQX-Posure on 102.7FM...Every Sunday night 7pm-8pm.
Featuring 1 full hour of EQX Land's finest local and regional talent.
Hosted by WEQX's resident rocker Jason Irwin. My Song "Best I Never Had" was aired on this week's show! Request XOCH on WEQX - Email eqx@capital.net

For up to the minute news and info, please visit XOCH on the web at http://www.xoch.com