Iím looking for performers near southern Vermont to play a party on Sunday, July 9th. Think of it as an open mic in the woods, except instead of getting to play a song or two you get to play a whole set.

The scene is: a couple of friends of mine have property & a nice house in Westminster Vt. The long-term goal is to build cabins & run it as an artist retreat, with regular shows. But until that vision is reached they still want to have some nice parties (called Davestock). This year is being billed as ďThe second, semi-bi annual DavestockĒ (Iím sure thereís a funny story behind that name, but for now it seems to be an inside joke).

Performances are not limited to music, if you know someone who would be interested in reading their poetry, or dancers, or puppeteers anything would work. One of the people involved is an independent film maker & showed some of his short films at the last Davestock, I assume heíll be doing the same this year. So itís really open ended.

Unfortunately we canít offer anything in the way of payment other than a nice day in the woods with good people & good food (for free & veggie fare will be offered as well as bar b q chicken & pulled pork I think). I am going to try & record the musical performances so I will (hopefully) be able to get you a cd (or mp3, or flac or wav etc) of your performance.

Anyone interested please contact me at RE_Goldenbird@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance & hope to see you there,

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