Hi All,

We're looking forward to the party........HOWEVER.......Mother Nature is looking a bit ominous for Sunday. SO, in the event of significant rain, I wanted to remind everyone that the rain date for this party will be Sunday, August 21st....same time, same place. But before putting the cart before the horse, here's what we need to do, especially to save you folks coming from quite a distance from making the trip for nothing:

Please check here Sunday Morning, August 14th around 10:00am. I should have a better idea by then how this weather is going to pan out and can make a decision about going ahead with the party. I will send an email one way or the other, so please look for it.

In case something is awry with your computer that day, please call the house 413-586-7769 for a recorded message to confirm that the party is still a go.

My apologies to those who received this email and already responded that they would not be coming. This was the quickest way for me to make sure I didn't miss anyone.

Take care and hope to see you all Sunday!!


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Marty my home

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