Hi Alaska Folks,

We've been wanting to visit Alaska since it's one of 2 states we still haven't made it to. We don't have an active chapter there, but we do have some members and I am hoping that we can network with all of you and perhaps come and visit in 2007. If you know any of these folks (or are one) please get them to stop in and say hello. Let's bring the great state of Alaska together!

Ann Pence Anchorage AK
Bonnie Thayer ANCHORAGE AK
Cydwayz Anchorage AK
Emily Kurn Anchorage AK
Fayte Anchorage AK
JEB ANchorage AK
Kirsten Baird Gustafson Anchorage AK
Rachel Hollander Anchorage AK
Terry Holder Anchorage AK
Charley Epperson Big Lake AK
Rick Fleek Douglas AK
Colleen Coadic Eagle River AK
John Cook Eagle River AK
Karenodie Eagle River AK
Lili McGovern Eagle River AK
Sean Mormelo Eagle River AK
Five Buck Fiddle Fairbanks AK
J. C. Burris Fairbanks AK
Julie Rafferty Fairbanks AK
Melvin Grice Ft. Richardson AK
Kentuck gustavus AK
Reverend Poor Child Homer AK
Brian Gale Juneau AK
Contra Public Juneau AK
George Wallace Juneau AK
Janet Metzner Palmer AK
Mech Synthetic Palmer AK
Buck Evans Skagway AK
Deering And Down Skagway AK
Rev Neil Down Skagway AK
Nancy Anderson Soldotna AK
doug geeting talkeetna AK
Milomusic Talkeetna AK

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