Hi Folks,

As you know, we do everything around here for free. To help cover some of those ever growing expenses, we have cool JPF Hats and T-Shirts for sale. Also, because we've had many requests, we have a donation button on the T-Shirt page for those who want to help out with expenses. Remember, we do free music awards, have a free website, free newsletter, we do free showcases and events all over North America, but to keep it free, we still need some voluntary support, especially from those of you who take the most advantage of the organizations benefits and networking opportunties here on the message boards, but don't get out to shows to buy shirts and hats in person.

Here's a link (you can also find it at the top of the message board pages now) to the new shirts, the hats and the donation link (and a few other miscellaneous items). With record website traffic, roadtrip participation and music awards entries, we really need your support!


Thanks in advance and enjoy the cool new gear!


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
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