Seriously, I did plan to attend the Sean O'Tooles June 13, 2005 Road Trip but during the day I was preoccupied with legal matters. No I'm not in trouble, someone else is and I've been quite readying to assist in bringing a criminal to justice in the courts in hopes the criminal will go to jail for a long time.

Rumor or not, no I did not send anyone to be in my stead that night (that's fact).

Today I was asked if I had been going around stating I was a moderator or leader of this board and the person who asked me was asked by Just Plain Folks.

My answer was then and now, no I haven't and no I'm not a moderator.

I own, Mahlers Of New England and several other domains, (see www.directnic.com and do a whois).

I had stated that I had gone off on my own and touted the Road Trip event to anyone who'd read yet never stated I was in charge of the event etc. I used partially the info from here, this site and tried to let people know the rules and who to contact, I think I did a good job of that before and after emails with Mr. Whitney as to what I had been doing etc.

W. K. Mahler

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