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Just Plain Folks, SE MA Chapter update:

We urgently need everyone to sign up for our HUGE EVENT... The Just Plain Folks Road Trip! It's coming to our local chapter Monday, June 13 at Sean O'Tooles in Plymouth. This is one of our organization's signature events and it would be fantasitic if as many people as possible participate. (Boston folks - we can arrange pick up and drop off for you from the commuter rail station if you'd like to come down (leaves South Station/arrives in Plymouth or Kingston).

Really, this event is an incredible night of music... over 20 performers playing all genres of music supporting each other in the spirit of creativity. Plus, the founder of Just Plain Folks, Brian Austin Whitney, will be in town, all the way from the midwest, hosting the show and it's a great chance to meet him.

Tell all your musician friends to sign up to play too.. feel free to pass along this email.

How do you sign up?

It's easy! Send these requests to justplainfolks@aol.com (this is the ONLY email address you can use to sign up).

For performers:
In the Email Subject field, please place the dates and cities you want to attend
Inside the email, please include:

Date(s)/City(s) Interested in:
Artist/Band Name:
Contact Name: (If different from above)
Full Address:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Music Genre:
Band Size and Instrumentation:
Short Descriptions of your music, style and experience: (Please keep this to a couple sentences MAX!)
Special Time Needs: (Note: we can only accommodate "early" or "late" in a first come first served basis)

If you've already signed up with Brian, just disregard.

With so many performers everyone will get a couple of songs, share a back-line, and be each other's audience for the evening.
Here's Brian's aswers to the most frequently asked questions about how the Road Trip performances work:

FYI: Our next chapter meeting is Monday, June 6th. We have some exciting news about this meeting that I'll announce very soon...so stay tuned. Definitely save the date now though... you'll want to come to this one!

Thanks everyone!!

Christine Mascott
Co-coordinator SEMA
Just Plain Folks

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formerly just Christine
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