The Author of Pandora’s Box is Back with another Sizzling Tale

By Allison Hobbs

A Seductive Portrait of Two women and Their Obsession with One man.

A cunning seductress, Kai Montgomery is the bi-racial adopted daughter of a wealthy Caucasian couple. Rich, beautiful, and spoiled rotten, Kai is accustomed to getting everything she wants. Unfortunately, after getting dumped by an affluent and very married physician, Kai is without a sex partner. Indiscriminate sex becomes a favorite pastime until she meets the man who gives her the best sex of her life. She becomes obsessed with him and is quickly set on a collision course destined to destroy many lives

Kai’s polar opposite, Terelle Chambers is a product of the ghetto. Life has delivered some hard knocks to Terelle. She grew up shuttling between foster homes and desperately needs something or someone to believe in. She plans her future around Marquise, a devastatingly sexy man who's currently serving a prison term on drug charges. Marquise is the father of Terelle's toddler daughter, thus she’s dreaming of Marquise's imminent return, building a life together, and having the family to call her own.

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