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For those of you who don't know what PINEYFEST is...try looking up the thread on the Lyric Forum 3 that says, "Pineyfest Rooms...Alert!" , and you will get some great background information about this unique songwriters' gathering!!

Bobbie Gallup writes:

"Hi Folks...at long last, the schedule for Pineyfest. Wish every one of you could join us...but I realize that some of you do have lives beyond this board!! However, this outta make you think about maybe joining us next year.


Gallup 'N Dawg Music
1949 Boyce Road
Nunnelly, TN 37137
931-729-7008 or 7009

July 18, 2005



Three days of great music and great people…what more could you want? The Fourth Annual PINEYFEST Songwriters Weekend will be held Thursday through Saturday, July 28-30 at MOLLY’S PLACE, located on the Square in downtown Centerville, TN.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings there will be live...and very lively music from 7-10 pm at MOLLY’S PLACE as songwriters perform their own material. Writers will range from seasoned pros with years of hits & road touring under their belts to newcomers yet to be discovered. Numerous guest writers and artists will also be performing.

Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1-5 will include Music Business Sessions.
o Bobbie Gallup…head perpetrator and honcho of Gallup ‘N Dawg Music will provide a crash course in how to get the most and best experience out of a trip to Nashville…for all those out-of-town songwriters who can only visit on rare occasions. She will talk about those unwritten rules and expectations; where to go for advice and assistance; how to set up appointments and cowriting sessions; plus the skinny on open mics, performance venues and showcasing.

o Bill Littleton - Expanding the Guitar as Cowriter

o Barbara Cloyd, hit songwriter (I Guess You Had To Be There - #1 for Lorrie Morgan) and songwriting consultant, who auditions and books talent for Nashville's world-famous Bluebird Cafe, will be listening and offering constructive critiques to help writers understand what works and doesn't work in their songs. Writers can bring cds or perform live.

o Jim Troutner, owner of Troutner Music Productions will present a session on musical arrangement for the non-musician…or how to handle the voice in your head if you don’t sing or play an instrument. Jim is the former Music Director of the choral group, UP WITH PEOPLE which performed at Super Bowl Halftime Shows, Olympic Festivals, and venues across the US and around the world.

o Ed Cantwell, former owner of Silver Tongue Music, will discuss the ins and outs of home studios…from set up to getting the most out of recording. If it has strings….Ed can play it! He knows whereof he speaks.

o Andy van Roon, President and Founder of FilmNashville will talk about how to get your music into films, especially indie films and documentaries. Andy has written and produced numerous films and documentaries and heads the biggest film organization in TN.

Schedule of events:

7-10 Reception and Music

1-2 Getting The Most Out of a Trip to Nashville: Bobbie Gallup
® Do’s & Don’ts –those unwritten rules
and expectations
® Who can help you: ASCAP/BMI/NSAI
® Setting up appointments, cowriting
® Places to perform, open mics, contacts
3-4 The Nashville Numbering System: Mike Dunbar, musician extraordinaire!!
4-5 Arranging Music for the Non-musician: What about the "voice in your head"…Jim Troutner, Troutner Music Productions
7-10 Music

1:00 Setting Up and Getting the Best Out of Your Home Studio: Ed Cantwell
2:30 Song Critiques: the inimitable Barbara Cloyd, who auditions talent for performing at the world-famous Bluebird Café. This will be Barbara’s 4th Pineyfest.
4-5 Getting your music into films, especially indie films. Andy van Roon, Director, FilmNashville

If you are interested in gaining insights from music business insiders, performing or just coming to enjoy some great music...don't miss PINEYFEST 4. The cost is $10/day.

For more information, contact Gallup 'N Dawg Music at 931-729-7008 or 7009 or Troutner Studios at (931) 729-4752."

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