Calling all Austinites. Austin is introducing to the nation the first Co-op for musicians. Austin is the music capitol of the world and receives well over $600,000 every year, but the musicians see very little of that money. The Austin Music Co-op is a place where local, working musicians can live together in a creative environment and pool their resources to reduce their living costs. The cooperative lifestyle is a time-tested way to save money, conserve resources, and lighten the environmental impacts of everyday life. Our renowned local players finally can afford to live here. Any generous studio equipment donations would be greatly appreciated and would further show your support towards the Austin music scene. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Large condenser (vocal Mic)
Drum kit Set (Akg with D112 or comparable) A pair of 414's Several Sm57's
and 58's Pair of Pzm's And any other Mic's that you could contribute.

Protools or comparable computer based program (Protools is ideal.) A
compatible computer. (G4, G5,) 120 gig hardrive space prefered.
Compatible Analog Board. (Focusrite, Yamaha 02r, etc.
Digi 01 (16 inputs and outs would be ideal.) DA-38, 88 etc. (at least 16
tracks) or ADATs.
Any decent out board preamps. (Behringer, Focusrite

Speakers. Genelecs or at least something comparable or better than Yamaha
Ns10's Headphones (must be studio quality) Sony, Akg, Sennheiser. Dt 770's.
(Flat frequency response).
Power amps for speakers and headphones.
Any type of headphone distribution.

Anything from compressors to limiters, reverbs, delays, etc.
And or plugins (any and all)

Tons of XLR's, Patch cables,1/4 inch, speaker wire, power cables, etc. (we
will take your bad cables.) Any kind of Patch bay.

Insulation. Gobos/partitions. Aurelex (studio foam).
Raw materials such as 2x4's and other suggested construction material.