Last Call....

Today is the January 2006 meeting and showcase of the Tampa Bay Chapter of Just Plain Folks at "Ricks on the River". Rick's is located on the West side of the Hillsborough river just South of Columbus.

1:30- 3:30 Set up stage, lighting, sound and video. (Stage Crew)
3:30- 4:15 Meet and Greet (Very important, for everyone especially new members)
4:15 Sharp. Performers who are on the poster will perform followed by artists on a secondary sign up sheet. We will get to these artists. The poster can be seen on the "Events" page at

We have allot of folks who wish to perform today so once its your turn please be prepared. Choose a selection that is appropriate for a family venue and be well practiced. Oh, and tuning would be nice.
You have two songs. Keep the intros brief. KEEP THE INTROS BRIEF!

Reminder! David Hurd will be shooting video. Only those who ask for this service will be taped. I have seen his work and you will be impressed. The selection of what you play should be well practiced and "stage presence is important". Although you may play anything that you like, please know that David is working on an upcoming project and he is looking for up-tempo positive takes to use on that project. If you have not yet committed to be filmed it's not too late. Just let him know when you get there.
We look forward to a very positive musical 2006 season of music with all of you.
Keep Strummin' Al Alvarez
Tampa Bay Chapter Coordinator
Just Plain Folks