T-Bay JPFers,
Over 65 T-Bay Indies are displyed with Pix,brief info and avalable links to their sites. We would like to add some more of you. Please see the Just Plain Folks page at www.aandrproductions.com . I've been slacking off in the photo department as of late so if you will e-mail me a performing pic or the best one you have of yourself with some breif info I'll add you to our ever grownig family of T-Bay JPFers. It would be great also if in turn you would give us a link on your site if you have one. Please know that if you don't have a site it's okay we still want to help by displying your pic,info and any contact info you may want to make avalable. Let's all do what we can to help stregnthen the ever growing T-Bay music community. Remember if we don't make a big deal about our music, Why should anyone else?
E-Mail pix and info to me at
Keep Strummin' Al