As we have just taken delivery of our modified NEVE console we need to make some changes to wiring and such. To help off set the cost we are offering the most insane special yet. 300 hours for $3500.00. This puts the studio at about $12 an hour. You get 30 10 hour days. The only restrictions are that you can have 7 initial lockout days to track then we will allow 2 day lock outs for over dubs and vocals. And 3 day lock outs for mixing. This way we can still take in our clients at our regular rates. The time does not expire. This means you can use these days quick or over a 6 month period. This special requires a 65% deposit to lock the deal and balance within 90 days of origin. This is a great deal for local bands!!! You can finish your entire album for $3500. 300 hundred studio hours. A studio that records Rock Legends At Local Prices with great rooms, gear and ears.

Chris Musgrave