Venue name: Gem Theater (part of Grove Theater Complex)
Address: 12852 Main Street
City: Garden Grove
State: California
Zip: unknown
Venue Phone: 714-624-8729
Venue Fax: unknown
Email: unknown
WWW: unknown
Contact: (who) Martin Brown, Live Magazine
Contact #: (# and best time to reach)
Books: (how far in advance) About a month
Audience: (age range) All ages
Genres: any, but prefer acoustic
Capacity: 172
Sound: artist must provide
Comments: Is just Plain Folks friendly... (or artist friendly)... Venue is joint sponsor of Sunday Night concerts with Live Magazine. Venue also available for rent at $100 per hour. Sunday evening concert tickets sell for $10, half to house, half to artist. I'll fill out the rest later.

Bob Leggett

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Bob Leggett
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