Hi Folks,

One of the most requested and needed services is help finding quality venues around the world to perform in. We asked this question in our 2002 Member survey, but the info we gathered was minimal. We'd like to have more in depth listings and info sharing of any venue you've performed in, that you run yourself or that you want to learn more about.

Ideally, you'll list the name, location, contact info, any policy guidelines you are aware of as well as info on the venue you can share. If we gather enough info on this board, we'll likely build an entire section of the website dedicated to live music venues around the world. This is also our first step in creating a network of Just Plain Folks friendly venues for Roadtrips, Music Awards Tours and to test some booking services out in the future.

Thanks in advance for any participation you can offer.


PS: Please place the Name and City/State (and country if not in the US) in the subject when posting info on a new venue.

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