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Television Show To Air Videos of Unsigned Bands

October 2, 2006 Washington, DC- America's Hot Musician, the American Idol-like TV show featuring instrumental musicians, is reserving commercial time for bands to promote thier videos, cd's and bookings. The show, which will air 12 weekly half hour episodes on Comcast beginning January 8, 2007, is in its first season.

"There are very limited resources for unknown bands to present their visual image to a national audience", says executive producer Susan Veres. "We feel this outlet is a needed resource to encourage independent bands to stick with it".The show also encourages artists to promote CD's and concert bookings via this commercial time.

This service is not free and bands must pay for the commercial time but because the producing agency American Youth Symphony is a non-profit organization, the time is offered at a substantially reduced rate.

For more information visit the show's website at

(I copied the info from the pricing page on their website below)

America's Hot Musician provides limited opportunities for artists to advertise with commercials to promote their CD's, videos, and bookings. Current competitors in the show are not eligible.

Why Take Advantage of This Service?

The highly competitive music industry provides virtually no outlet for
unknown artists to showcase their music to the television public.

America's Hot MusicianTM is a national television program where
you can advertise your CD or Video to our audience in many major
markets. Whether you are going on tour or releasing your
independent CD or video, your message will reach our MTV aged
music audience. As a bonus, your commercial will also run for one
week on our show's website for the episode in which your commercial


:30 Second Spots $400 (:30 is the standard length of most commercials)

1 Minute Spots $750

2 Minute Spots $1,450

2 1/2 Minute Spots $2,125

3 Minute Spots (maximum allowed) $3,187

Accepted Formats:

Beta Cam (SP)
Mini DV
CD (not recommended)

Please email us at
for reservations and questions.

Huntington Beach, CA