1. Minutes from our meeting 5/16 (Alan Rocked!)
2. Join OC JPFolks Showcase on Sun. 5/22
3. Temporary Choral Music Instructor for Bell Highschool Needed
4. The Sunfish Grill looking for Bands/Artists
5. Call To Arts Expo (Artists wanted)
6. FolkWorks and KCSN Radio

Some of this info. courtesy of:
Faith /JPFolks LA
1. Our meeting on 5/16 was a huge success. Alan O'Day, hit writer, played really great arrangements of his best stuff in the up-close setting of Love and Laughter studio. We had 19 people. Alan also shared his songwriting tips and some of the ups and downs of trying to make it in this business. He shared the story behind having "Rock and Roll Heaven" recorded, and how he came to write "Angie Baby" for Helen Ready. He talked about how he learned song structure, gave tips on melody, co-writing, and lyric writing, (try to write a short story first, then pull out your lyrics. Invite the "left-brain" in later). He shared a tip that he found particularly helpful: Write 10 minutes every day. He said it can really help build your self-esteem by having the discipline to commit to a little bit every day, and said you'd be amazed at what you can do with just 10 minutes a day. Overall a productive and entertaining evening. Thanks Alan for your humorous, down-to-earth approach. Check out Alan's latest stuff at www.alanoday.comWe also thanked Joey Arreguin and Mike Anderson for their support and guidance. Joey said even though the studio is booked for the summer, he is still available for questions at joey@loveandlaughtermusic.com
2. Join OC JPFolks Showcase on Sun. 5/22 7-10pm

La Caffepia, Fullerton
Location: 1327 S. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton
on the South West corner of Harbor Blvd and Orangethorpe Blvd in
(in the food court near the Target store)
(714) 870-7588

It goes from 7 to 10. Sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis
until there is no more room. The schedule will be 3 songs total, 2 each
first round, then 1 each final round. Kip has a full P.A. which he will
set up.

Please send him: (MrKipCorley@aol.com)
Name of 3 songs you will perform
Your equipment needs
A short intro (if you want one)
Please also consider bringing something for the raffel, (CD, Video,
Book, etc. Can even be used).

E-mail Kip at MrKipCorley@aol.com
Remember, if you don't want to play, you can still come out and support
the others.

3. Temporary Choral Music Instructor for Bell Highschool

Problem: The choral teacher at Bell High School is no longer working
at the school.
He was teaching 2 periods of vocal music and 3 periods of instrumental
at the school. The new teacher who was hired to cover all of his classes
is an instrumental music teacher only.

The 2nd period Advanced Chorus class and 3rd period Choir class were
preparing for a performance at the beginning of June. But due to the
current lack of guidance and instruction, the students may not be
prepared for the concert.

Solution The districts Arts Education Branch would like to find a
master vocal teacher, with middle or high school teaching experience,
to work with both choral classes.

This would consist of:
* Working with the students 1 to 3 days a week (ex
Mon/Wed/Fr or Tues/Thr)
* Work with the students from May 16 to June 10.
* Teach from 9:30 to 11:30 @ $80 per day.

Bell High School 4328 Bell Ave, Bell CA 90201

If you are interested, please contact Steve Venz, LAUSD K-12 Music
Adviser at:
stevenvenz@yahoo.com or 213.241.8992.