Write me for a profile sheet or to sign-up for the showcase: JPFLinda@aol.com

OK guys, here are 3 announcements.
1. Kip Korley has set up our first showcase (in a long time), at La Caffepia on Fullerton for Sunday March 20th. Sign-up information is below. The deadline is March 13th. There is an attached profile showcase sheet to fill out as well.

2. Alan O'Day (mentor, and hit writer "Undercover Angel", "Angie Baby" will be performing with band Alder Eagle (member Scott Harp's band) this coming Saturday. It is partly a result of the JPFolks auction back in December which raised over $1000.00. Alan is going to speak at our May meeting, but invited people out to see the band and see him play some of your favorites. Alder Eagle plays some mean blues and the show starts at 6:00. Scott has written all the information below!

3. Don't forget our meeting date is on the Monday, the 21st of this month. More details to follow.

Member Kip Korley has gotten our showcases going again and we need everyone's support to make it a success. We'll have 2 events in a row this month. On March 20th we'll have our O.C. JPFolks Showcase at La Caffepia on Fullerton, and on the 21st we'll have our JPFolks monthly meeting in Anaheim.

Here is what Kip wrote;

Okay,(Just Plain) Folks, here it is. Sunday evening, March 20th, At La Caffepia on the South West corner of Harbor Blvd and Orangethorpe Blvd in Fullerton (in the food court near the Target store), their phone number is (714) 870-7588. Be there by 7, we start at 7:30 'til approx. 10:30.

Have 1 to 3 songs well rehearsed and as perfected as possible.
Bring your Guitar or Keyboard. (Let me know on the Profile Sheet if you need anything in regards to set up.
Bring a raffle item if you have one. (CD, Framed Poem, etc.) or there will be a jar for donations to help with costs if you can (a buck or two only).
Bring any Flyers or promotional items for any upcoming performances you may have or want to advertise.
Bring your sheet music / chord chart / lyric sheet if you absolutely need it.
Make sure I have your Mini Songwriter Showcase Profile filled out by e-mail, and if not, bring it with you. (The profile is attached to this e-mail or write Kip at MrKipKorley@aol.com if you need him to send you one).

Here's the information for Alder Eagle and Alan O'Day

Heres the 411 on our gig at the Cask and Cleaver in the city of Orange CA. We play inside the restaurant bar area . The address is 186 No. Atchison Ave in the city of Orange right by the Metro link train station. We play from 6PM until 10 PM and its on this Saturday March 12th. You can call for dinner reservations in the bar area at (714) 532-2660

Thanks for passing on the information. Hope to see you there.

Alder Eagle blues band web address www.geocities.com/alder_eagle mailing list for the band at Alder_Eagle@yahoo.com

Take Care,
Linda Kraemer
O.C. Chapter Coordinator

Linda K
O.C. Chapter Coordinator