I am currently trying to locate children for a commercial for Canon in
Japan (the company that makes cameras, printers, etc).
They are producing a small "pilot" test jingle and they need kids to
audition between the ages of 5-11yrs. The jingle is a short 30-sec and
15-sec piece.

They have asked Love & Laughter Music to audition kids, record a short
segment of the jingle at my studio in Anaheim, and send them an MP3 so
that the producer in Japan can make a decision about which ones to
select. (They will choose four kids for the final jingle) Those chosen
will get paid about $25.00-30.00 for the recording on Weds, Feb 9,
4-7pm and must also "standby" for any changes on Thursday, Feb 10. from

I know this doesnt pay much, however, if all goes well, they will want
to produce more of the same jingles with the same kids, at which time
they will allow for a much better budget for everyone, not to mention
the exposure, and opportunity for the kids.

I will be holding auditions this week only, Monday, thru Saturday Jan
24-29. Canon expects to secure the selected kids by Saturday of this

If you can refer any parents/children to my office for auditions, I
would greatly appreciate it!
My office number is (562)946-2022, or my cell: (562) 714-4274. They can
ask for Joey or Josh (my son, who is handling all the auditions)

Linda K
O.C. Chapter Coordinator