Our meeting on 1/17/05 was a success, with about 18 members attending. The lyric writing workshop was so successful one new member, Bill Turner, stated he would have paid $50.00 for the workshop. He also said if all the meetings were that good he would come back every month.

Our presenters were Rick Paul, Amy Jo, and Kerry Getz. Rick spoke on Sheila Davis's lyric writing workbook and the power of the focus sheet. Rick brought a ton of great real life examples to his presentation. Then Amy Jo spoke on a really unique idea which involved looking at the listener's style in selecting your lyrics. A song should include parts that appeal to Kinestetic, Auditory, and Visual styles. Kinestetics like touchy/feely words, Auditories like words like "listen" and "hear" and Visuals like words like "see" and "look". Sounds of Silence is a good example of a song that uses all three. Kerry Getz gave us some very wise advice as a long time writer. She said to think of lyric writing as peering into a keyhole. Whatever you can see in that keyhole is what you write about. Then she gave the example of "I Can't Make You Love Me" (Bonnie Raitt). You could watch someone turning off the lights and turning down the bed through a keyhole.
Thanks to all our lovely presenters!

1. Don't forget about the 1/23 intentions/goals party in Long Beach. Check Faith Rivera's message for details.
Jai Josefs (mentor) is starting his 10 week series on songwriting skills. He is the best. It starts on Thursdays, the last week in January in Los Angeles. Visit his website at www.jaijomusic.com

2. There are many resources available in L.A. and Orange County. Don't hesitate to ask myself or L.A.'s coordinator Faith Rivera for info on workshops or other showcase opportunities.

3. Mentor Joey from Love and Laughter studios announced a volunteer opportunity to work with at risk youth as a music mentor. The commitment would be for a six week period on Tuesdays or Thursdays for a 2 hour time block (or 4 if you want). Contact Joey at joey@loveandlaughtermusic.com

4. We still need a showcase coordinator. Even if you arrange 2 showcases a year, that would be a great start. Kip (member) is looking into it, but we still need venues. Also, we could join John Carillo at the Gypsy Den on Monday or Thursday night and make it a JPFolks at the Open Mic night.

Please e-mail me directly if you are interested in helping or you need info. at JPFLinda@aol.com

Our next meeting will be on the 3rd Monday of February, The 21st.
Linda Kraemer

Linda K
O.C. Chapter Coordinator