Hi guys, the last meeting of the year for JPFolks (O.C.) is this coming Monday, November 22nd. We will be taking December off, as the 3rd Monday is too close to Christmas. The meeting is at 1007 E. North street. Cross streets are E. La Palma Blvd. and East Street. Nort street is just behind the 7-11, (south of La Palma off East Street). Studio number is 714-776-5443.

We will have another song circle, but this time, we will offer the opportunity for feedback from the other members, and mentors Joey and Lisa. The feedback process will have some guidelines, which I will present at the beginning to keep it a productive experience for everyone. You can also just play a song, if you don't want feedback.

Please RSVP for this meeting and let me know if you want to do a song, and whether or not you want feedback. That way I'll know how to structure the meeting, (depending on the number interested). If you want feedback, try to bring approximately 20 lyric sheets, (or lyrics and chords) if you can. This is sometimes a good opportunity to bring a work in progress also, to get some direction or perspective.

The meeting will go from 7pm to 9pm and depending on how much time we have, we will hear from some of the members on the recent events that took place, (the awards show, the "Call To Arts" expo, and the TAXI Road Rally). I will bring flyers and info. that I picked up at the rally on local happenings.

Also, I will share about an opportunity to do some caroling for the mentally ill in December, and Joey will have more information on his mentor program for at risk kids.

Let me know if you can bring a snack too!


Linda Kraemer
O.C. Chapter Coordinator
Just Plain Folks