Hi JPFolks OC!

Just wanted to share a couple of events & invite those of you that are interested to join us...please just RSVP as directed below.

Also feel free to look over the resource list that JPFolks LA put together on getting gigs, cd sales, & more goodies. It is at the LA Chapter Board entitled "Resource List from 3/29/04 Meeting"

Shine on!

Faith / JPFolks LA

We can still take up to 10 more people. This is a wonderful, intimate way to share, support, brainstorm & collaborate with other members. As you'll see at their websites, the members that have signed up below have a wealth of experience & info to share especially with some of our more newbie jpfolks members. Sign up before Friday 23rd!

When: 4/26/04 Monday Evening
Time: 6pm - ?
Host: Jody Whitesides
Where: Reseda near Sherman Way and Wilbur
(address to be given specifically to those that RSVP)

1. Jody Whitesides www.jodywhitesides.com
2. Brenda Varda www.womensnightout.info/
3. Ali Handal www.alihandal.com
4. Scott Turchin www.songmon.com
5. Pat Bryant www.soundclick.com/bands/4/patbryant.htm

Possible Topics/Activities:
*share songs with each other; network; try to determine if we can help each other on any projects
(suggested by Scott Turchin)


Thanks to the efforts of member Barbara Cordova, we will be having our Performance Workshop at a beautiful theater located at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. I tried my best to hold this meeting on another night like Wednesday to allow for other members to be able to come but because of the venue & other specifics, I had to keep it on Monday. Sorry about that...but hope many of you can still make it [Linked Image]

When: 5/24 Monday Evening
Time: 6:30pm - ?
Host: Barbara Cordova
Where: Celebrity Centre, Hollywood www.celebritycentre.org
Panelists: Lis Lewis http://www.thesingersworkshop.com/aboutlis.html (she was my incredible vocal coach earlier in my career) + 2 more special guests

Format: I am taking a sign up list of performers, from newbies to pros who would perform a short song then receive constructive feedback based on set criteria (strengths & weaknesses, overall performance) & if possible, apply suggestions by the panelists on the spot. Even those not performing, can learn from our brave musical "guinea pigs"


RSVP ~ Only up to 50 people total including a small list of 7-10 performers to be critiqued

General RSVP to email back to me
Email Addy:

Performer RSVP to email back to me if you're interested in performing & receiving constructive critique
Email Addy:
Years of Performing Experience (just so we know where you're working from):
What do you most hope to learn/gain from your Performance Workshop experience?
Can you honestly handle positive critique/feedback?
(this is more for you to really question yourself if you're in the "right" space to accept this type of honest critique)


SIGN-UP LIST so far:
1. Jody Whitesides ~ Performer
2. Frankie Hernandez ~ Performer
3. Diana Hershey ~ Performer
4. Jimi Yamagishi
5. Faith Rivera ~ if I'm brave enough, I may even sign up to perform & be critiqued as well :}