Hi, Everybody!

Joey has just confirmed that the studio is booked again, so the meeting will be held at the school again. (See location, time, directions below)

I heard the showcase went very well. Kudos to Linda! Attagirl!

We will be having sign ups for the next showcase which is April 4th. You need to attend the meeting to sign up for the showcase. Linda will be there to take care of that and give you the details.

Some of us have requested a little training in navigating and posting on the JPF site. I will have the computer set up and we can practice that. If there is time I will also demonstrate how to set up a simple website using website software provided by my isp. Most places that host websites also provide the online software to do it. It's easy once you know how. [Linked Image] If we run out of time, we can schedule that for another meeting. You can also register as a JPF member that night if you haven't already done so.

For those of you who already know the ins and outs of website building and website navigation, you will have the option of networking or breaking into discussion groups (your choices of topic).

There will probably be a song circle if there is time, so bring your instruments and songs with you. You don't have to feel guilty if you have to leave early but do come to the first part of the meeting so you can hear the latest news and sign up for the showcase. If you have to come late that's OK too, just let me know.

It's still a little chilly for outside snacks. You may bring covered drinks with you as before but we aren't permitted to eat in the room, so grab a bite before you come to the meeting. Take care and please RSVP ASAP. CU Monday!

Jean Bullock,
JPF OC Chapter Coordinator

JPF Orange County Chapter Meeting

When: Monday, March 22, 2004 from 7-9 PM
Choral/Fine Arts Room
Saint Barbara School
5306 West McFadden Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704


Saint Barbara Church/School is on the South West corner of Euclid Ave. and McFadden Ave on the border of Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Fountain Valley.
It is surrounded by a pretty nice residential area, a little north of Mile Square Park.

Here is the map link


If you are going North on Euclid Ave, you will see the Church parking lot on the left, just before you reach McFadden. Turn left into the first driveway you come to and pass the big parking lot and drive straight to the back (Teacher) parking lot. (It's OK to park there.) You will see a play structure by it.

If you are going South on Euclid Ave, cross Mcfadden and the Church/School will be immediately to your right. Turn right into the second driveway and pass the big parking lot and drive straight to the back (Teacher) parking lot.

If you are going East on McFadden Ave, turn right onto Euclid and the Church/School will be immediately on the right side. Turn right into the second driveway you come to.

If you are going West on McFadden Ave. turn left onto Euclid and the Church will be immediately on the right side. Turn right into the second driveway you come to.

The building you will go to is next to the Teacher parking lot. Follow the sidewalk around (There is only one way to go.) and go to the third room which says Choral Fine Arts Room. It has a stone bench in front of it. You can't miss it. You will see me in there.

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