Hi, Everybody!

Please send your RSVP for the Harmony Workshop on Monday 24th. Please
respond even if it is a no. We need to know to prepare properly.

The Membership Drive Contest is still on so you have plenty of time to be
contenders. Contest will end at the April Meeting and the free recording
time will be awarded on that day. If you have forgotten how the contest
works, let me know and I'll send you the details.

The new sign up method for the April 26th Showcase at the Canyon
Amphitheater isn't in effect right now, so to sign up for the event, please
sign up by sending an E- mail to:


with April 26th JPF Showcase in the Subject Area

show starts at 2:30pm and goes until dark or it ends. (We should have at
least 4 1/2 hours of sunlight maybe even more because of daylight savings
Bring own beverages and picnics.
All sound equipment will be provided.
If you are performing, please be there by 1:30 PM so we can check everyone
in. The show will start promptly at 2:30.

There will be a $5 cover charge, performers included. But we are offering a
two for the price of one, so bring lots of guests. Children 12 and under
get in free. Eventually, the Canyon Amphitheater will be a paying venue for
the performers, but we have to build it up first and that means we need to
support this venue in the same way we support other venues to help with the
overhead costs of the showcase. Supporting the venues that help us promote
our music has and always will be the policy of JPF. (Austin doesn't know I
am going to tell you the following, so shh don't tell on me. Originally,
Austin was going to let performers in the gate free, but when I found out
that he would have to personally foot the bill, I knew that we wouldn't mind
helping out with the cover, right everyone?)

Active members of the Armed Services, can get in free. Just wear your
uniform or bring your military ID.

Please check the Orange County Forum at the JPF to see all the neat things
that are happening to our members. I was going to tell you in this E but
it's getting too long. Lisa Manor will be posting some exciting news there
soon. You won't want to miss itl.

Be sure to mark your calendars for May 19th. It's our regular Monday
meeting but we have a very special presentation scheduled. Steven Memel has
graciously agree to give us a presentation on Speech Level Singing which is
a terrific vocal technique. He is donating his time and talent for free.
You won't want to miss this.

In case you have misplaced them, here are the directions to the studio.
Take care. CU on Monday.

Love & Laughter Studios, 1007 E. North St. Anaheim, CA 92869
TIME: 7PM to 9PM.

Joey's Office Phone: (562) 946-2022
for questions/directions PRIOR to the meeting.
(714) 776-5443 for directions DURING THE MEETING.

Pictures speak louder than words so, here is the direct link to the map that
shows Joey's Love & Laughter Studio in Anaheim. You can also cut and paste
the internet address in if your e-mail program can't link you directly. Use
the zoom out box to find the best path from the city
in which you live.




The studio entrance is really off of La Palma, but you can access the studio
from either E. North St. or La Palma. The closest intersection is East St.
and La Palma.

If you are driving on La Palma and heading east towards East Street, the
entrance is just past the railroad tracks, past the Apartments, then turn
right into the studio parking area which is set back from the street a
little. The studio is before the East St. and La
Palma St. intersection.

If you are driving on La Palma and heading west towards East Street, go past
the intersection and look for the studio on your left. It will be before the
apartments and the railroad tracks. The entrance is set back a little from
the street.

If you miss the La Palma Entrance, (or the parking is filled up,) go around
the corner and use the North St. address, the studio is behind the residence
there. Just go up the driveway behind the house and you will see the studio
building to the left.

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