Hi, Everybody!

Sorry this is so late. I am fighting the flu right now so my energy level is pretty low.

First up: I asked Lisa to tell us how the vocal workshop went. Here are the details:

" We had 15 people attend, almost all beginning singers. The first hour was spent going over singing basics from correct breathing, the healthy and unhealthy ways to take care of your voice, the anatomy of the voice and other essentials. Workshop members broke into groups to help each other with breathing and various vocal exercises.

The second part of the workshop dealt with expression. We had a fun exercise where we listened to various professional singers and tried to determine what it was about their voice that moved us, made us sad or happy, or irritated or annoyed. It was a good discussion.

That was it. 2 hours goes really fast when you're having fun. People wanted to ask a lot of questions once we were done. Four members of a worship team came to help their members prepare for a recording that they plan to start in May. One other girl was interested in recording. Overall the day was a blast.

Well, hope that's enough of a summary. Joey and I are thinking seriously about having these workshops quarterly. And maybe even a recording workshop for musicians and vocalists too."

At our March meeting (which has also been changed to March 24th) we will be having a special Harmony and Music Theory Workshop. Our presenters will be Dave Gruber and Eric Brown. I will send you more info about this wonderful event, in a few days.

I am also hoping to secure a Showcase venue for late March and for sure one in late April. I will let you know the details before the meeting.

IMPORTANT! The meeting day for February had been moved to Monday, Feb. 24th.

We will be having a general membership meeting once a year and February is the designated month. At this time we are asking that as many of us attend the meeting as possible. We have a lot to discuss and vote on regarding the events and development of our chapter in the coming year. Remember you have to attend at least one meeting per year to qualify for showcase performance. Attending this one will qualify you for the upcoming showcases.

Also, remember this is the membership contest deadline meeting for bringing in new members. You need to bring at least 3 new members who are serious about joining. You can count people you have already brought to meetings as long as they aren’t planning to compete in the contest as well. The members need to attend the February meeting along with you. If we have a tie, the winner is chosen by a drawing. Good luck.


Joey & Lisa Arreguin:
(562) 946-2022

Jean Bullock

Just Plain Folks www.jpfolks.com

JPF Orange County Chapter Meeting February 24, 2003

Welcoming by Mentor, Joey and Lisa Arreguin
and Orange County Coordinator, Jean Bullock

Official JPF sign ups. (You need to be official members for the contest and showcases. We will have a computer online that night for those who haven't officially joined.)

March and April Showcase sign ups.

Membership contest award of Luv ‘n Laughter recording and engineer time and master CD.

member survey fill out

Officers and committees:
Venue Procurement /Showcase Management,
Community Service

Plans for this year:
Regular Open Mic Nights (or days) hosted by our chapter,
Rotating performer circuit,
Music Compilation CD sampler (to show venue owners the caliber of our performers,)
JPFOC compilation CD (fundraising activity)
Money for Brian
House Concerts
Rules for showcases
Workshop requests (fee or no fee.)
Upcoming workshops

Song circle.

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