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Here are the minutes. If I have left something out, let me know so I can amend them. Happy Thanksgiving!

Minutes for November 18, 2002. Meeting time 7-9PM
Joey and Jean welcomed everyone. Gave a tour of the studio. Members introduced themselves.

Following reminders given:

Make sure you are officially registered at the JPF site, OC Chapter Forum message board a useful tool, Nov. 23 is the Roadtrip Showcase, please help by buying T-shirts and caps or even donate money. Make sure you have been officially registered as a member at the JPF site. Please post anything you wish to share on the OC Chapter Forum message board!
Saturday, Nov. 23 is the Ugly Mug Roadtrip Showcase. Please help Brian by buying a t-shirt, cap or donate $, if you can.

Business: Re: Christmas Community Service: If someone is putting something together, let us know by e-mail with specifics and we will respond.

Re: December meeting: We will have a December meeting on the 16th usual time at Joey’s. The meeting will feature a song collaborating workshop. Members will be grouped and draw assignments, work on project in groups, then present toward the end of the meeting. No song circle, but bring instruments to perform projects.

Re: Showcases: members support monthly showcases. We will look into possibility of finding enough venues to allow monthly or even more frequent showcases. Members must support the showcases reliably. Majority said Friday was a good day for them. If we can we will find other days as well.

Re: Showcases: will be more frequent with fewer members to allow more performance time. Performers will be rotated to make sure everyone has opportunity to play.

Re: Membership Drive Contest: Prize: 3 hours of Studio A time and the services of one of
Luv ‘n Laughter’s professional engineers.(Time can be used for recording, mixing tracks etc. However you want it used.) AND 5 CDR's.

Re: future meetings. We will be having a guest speaker probably in January. The guest speaker will be a prominent industry Jingle Writer. Members were interested in it.

Membership Drive Contest Rules Announced:

Candidates must be official JPF members. New candidates can sign up online at the studio.

Candidates and the inviting member must attend the February 16th, 2003 meeting to qualify and be able to participate in future chapter meetings and activities and must fill out a brief questionnaire.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old, (17 if enrolled in college or emancipated).

For this contest, candidates must be actively involved in some aspect of music, whether amateur or professional.
ie: Performers, songwriters (including lyricists & composers, musicians (including vocalists),
venue owners/managers (willing to hold showcases, open mics or feature JPF performers), music store owners/managers willing to promote JPF, attorneys (who handle music biz ), music teachers, A&R reps, recording engineers, music/show biz publicists, or people involved in the Media (Cable show producers, radio etc.).

You must bring at least 3 candidates. Whoever brings the most will win. In the case of a tie, a drawing will be held at the end of the meeting to determine the winner.

Featured Speaker: Joey Arreguin Topic: Publishing and Copyright Info :

Joey shared info about licensing and explained how it worked and answered related questions from members.

Announcements: Luv & Laughter is looking for material that a young brother and sister team could use. Basic innocent bubble gum music, early Beatles sort of stuff etc. (I think, LOL

Song Circle and closing.

Minutes taken by Jean Bullock.

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