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THree more cuts
by Everett Adams - 07/13/24 08:43 AM
Bernie Madoff( Now It's done )
by JAPOV - 07/13/24 08:41 AM
by JAPOV - 07/13/24 08:23 AM
Name That Tune Challenge
by JAPOV - 07/13/24 07:07 AM
My exploration of AI created song stuff
by JAPOV - 07/13/24 02:40 AM
The Summer Of Love (Carroll Kiphen's lyric)
by Bill Draper - 07/13/24 02:05 AM
Where are my past entries at now?
by JAPOV - 07/12/24 11:29 PM
by John Lawrence Schick - 07/12/24 05:42 PM
A Worthy Note
by Bill Draper - 07/12/24 03:32 PM
Do you want a board for "Assisted" music?
by Sunset Poet - 07/12/24 11:23 AM
No More Sorrow
by Rob B. - 07/12/24 08:39 AM
I Wish I Was an Ant
by Fdemetrio - 07/12/24 07:43 AM
by bennash - 07/12/24 07:39 AM
Lou Evans with WORLD5 on the Bev Moore Show.
by World5 Music - 07/11/24 01:25 PM
The Slower You Get
by bennash - 07/11/24 09:45 AM
Problem I foresee with ai
by bennash - 07/11/24 08:47 AM
by JAPOV - 07/10/24 11:47 PM
Im runnin out of songs...
by Fdemetrio - 07/10/24 03:39 PM
I'm Your Star (AI)
by Rob B. - 07/10/24 12:04 PM
Urban Poetry
by Fdemetrio - 07/10/24 10:47 AM
So who has played with Udio?
by Gregory Watton - 07/09/24 07:15 PM
Tom Waits.. What's he building
by bennash - 07/09/24 06:06 PM
Raining In My Heart (AI)
by Rob B. - 07/09/24 05:39 PM
Urban Poetry
by Fdemetrio - 07/08/24 06:25 PM
by Bill Draper - 07/08/24 03:56 PM
Stuck Here At The Light
by Bill Draper - 07/08/24 03:40 PM
I Dont Want Mary Anne
by Fdemetrio - 07/08/24 06:23 AM
Mary Anne
by bennash - 07/07/24 11:04 PM
The Rant Arena
by JAPOV - 07/07/24 04:56 PM
Prophecy anyone?
by bennash - 07/07/24 08:18 AM
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Hi Folks,

We still plan to come back to New Orleans for a future Roadtrip and are hoping to track down a lot of our members who have scattered to the wind. If you know any of these folks, please ask them to check in and say hi and let us know how they are doing.

Thomas Lorenzo baton rouge L.A
Brityn Lotz Albany LA
Healing Songs Alexandria LA
Craig Klein Arabi LA
Curable Interns baker LA
Zenobia Marsh and The Curable baker LA
Donna X Bastrop LA
2ga1 Baton Rouge LA
Anita Jarrell Baton Rouge LA
Antifluff Superstar Baton Rouge LA
Antifluff Superstar Baton Rouge LA
Atomic Pilot Baton Rouge LA
Betsy Braud and The Jazz Nurse Baton Rouge LA
Bliggidy Blam Baton Rouge LA
Blue Eyed Soul Revue Baton Rouge LA
chris belleau and the zydeco h Baton Rouge LA
friends of gravity Baton Rouge LA
Gayla Baton Rouge LA
Jive Train Baton Rouge LA
Leroy Davis & Foxfire Baton Rouge LA
Louis Prejean Baton Rouge LA
Maggie Brown Baton Rouge LA
Mark Gould and Pink Baby Monst Baton Rouge LA
Melancholy Sunday Baton Rouge LA
Meriwether Baton Rouge LA
Michelle Osborn Baton Rouge LA
Nancy Armstrong Baton Rouge LA
Palo Viejo Baton Rouge LA
Russ Wasson Baton Rouge LA
Sanctified Syndicate Baton Rouge LA
Sanctified Syndicate Baton Rouge LA
Smithfield Fair Baton Rouge LA
Smithfield Fair Baton Rouge LA
Smokehouse Porter, Miss Mamie Baton Rouge LA
The Captain Legendary Band Baton Rouge LA
The Elements Baton Rouge LA
The Secret Black Society Baton Rouge LA
ZYNC Belle Chasse LA
Johnny Bullock Benton LA
The Benjy Davis Project Bogalusa LA
Richard Scott Bossier City LA
Richard Scott Bossier City LA
Richard Scott Bossier City LA
Addavoy Bush LA
Adrian Miller Cedar Falls LA
Driver 8 Covington LA
Heartifacts Covington LA
Heartifacts Covington LA
Rat Pack '05 Covington LA
Knever Denham Springs LA
Kenny Bill Stinson Downsville LA
Michael Juan Nunez Erath LA
Burton Gaar Evergreen LA
Dave Boholst Fort Polk LA
Slip Stream Glynn LA
Nan E Turner Grand Cane LA
Patricia Baker Greenwood LA
Paul Bibbins Gretna LA
The VanZiles Hackberry LA
Dianne de Las Casas Harvey LA
Delma Trosclair houma LA
Drew Rice houma LA
Ryan Chatelain Houma LA
Todd Adams houma LA
Buzzy Beano Jefferson LA
Gary Hirstius Jefferson LA
Gary Hirstius and Day Seven Jefferson LA
Lenny McDaniel Jefferson LA
Maidenhead Jefferson LA
New Orleans Stick Band Jefferson LA
Nishmah Jefferson LA
Todd Washko Jefferson LA
Les Amies Louisianaises Jennings LA
Les Amies Louisianaises Jennings LA
Crispin Schroeder Kenner LA
Organized Hostility Kenner LA
Sonny Corso Kenner LA
Fletcher Harris Lacombe LA
Blayne Mayard Lafayette LA
Brad DeHart Lafayette LA
Cupid Lafayette LA
Mike Dean Lafayette LA
Local Boy Lake Charles LA
Tony DuPuis Lake Charles LA
Tuesday's Debut Lake Charles LA
Quintin Gerard W. LaPlace LA
Haggis Rampant Mandeville LA
IV LIL GEE'S Mandeville LA
J.C. Mandeville LA
J.C. Mandeville LA
Kevin Danzig Mandeville LA
SunKings Mandeville LA
Richard Orange Many LA
odub records maringouin LA
Roland Treaudo Marrero LA
Dan Rivers Metairie LA
Keith Mayeaux Metairie LA
Lee Quick Metairie LA
The Tomatoes Metairie LA
Various Metairie LA
Gary Brown Metarie LA
Gary Brown Metarie LA
Gary Brown Metarie LA
Gary Brown Metarie LA
Gary Brown Metarie LA
Gary Brown Metarie LA
DeLoach Monroe LA
james david monroe LA
Vanessa Anderson Monroe LA
Big FiGGa Natchitoches LA
The Dream Team Natchitoches LA
Ronnie Migue$ & Lady Angel New Iberia LA
Amedee New Orleans LA
Andi Hoffmann & B-Goes New Orleans LA
B' Shipe New Orleans LA
beatinpath New Orleans LA
Beryl Quinton New Orleans LA
Beryl Quinton New Orleans LA
Billy Iuso new orleans LA
Brotherhood of Groove New Orleans LA
Bruce Pierre New Orleans LA
Burke Ingraffia New Orleans LA
Chef Menteur New Orleans LA
China Redd New Orleans LA
Chuck Roberson New Orleans LA
Cire New Orleans LA
Country Fried New Orleans LA
Cre'o New Orleans LA
Da Heat new orleans LA
David Mooney Trio New Orleans LA
Don Mac & BDC New Orleans LA
Edward New Orleans LA
Edward New Orleans LA
Emptyself New Orleans LA
Everlasting Hit Man New Orleans LA
Ex-VoTo New orleans LA
Ingrid Lucia New Orleans LA
Ingrid Lucia New Orleans LA
Jeff Sutton New Orleans LA
Jesse Moore New Orleans LA
Jessica Radcliffe New Orleans LA
Jessica Radcliffe New Orleans LA
Jessica Radcliffe, Lisa Ekstro New Orleans LA
John Rankin New Orleans LA
Johnny Sketch and the Dirty No New Orleans LA
Joseph Torregano New Orleans LA
Kelcy Mae New Orleans LA
Kynt New Orleans LA
Lois Tillman New Orleans LA
Mari Watanabe New Orleans LA
Maurice Brown New Orleans LA
Mo Drama New Orleans LA
Moyer New Orleans LA
NADRA New Orleans LA
ned henry new orleans LA
Outlaw Nation New Orleans LA
Patrice New Orleans LA
Paul Hayes New Orleans LA
Paul Soniat New Orleans LA
REINA New Orleans LA
schatzy New Orleans LA
Scotty G. New Orleans LA
Slayve New Orleans LA
Sound Minds Ministry New Orleans LA
Spencer Bohren New Orleans LA
Spencer Bohren New Orleans LA
Spencer Bohren New Orleans LA
Swamp Island Records -featurin New Orleans LA
The Faithful Gospel Singers New Orleans LA
The Ghettodreamz Movement new orleans LA
The New Orleans Spiritualettes New Orleans LA
Timothea New Orleans LA
Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews New Orleans LA
Troy Andrews Quintet featuring New Orleans LA
Vic Shepherd New Orleans LA
Scott Robison Pineville LA
Johnny Gossip Prairieville LA
Johnny Stassi Raceland LA
Cajun de la Ruston Ruston LA
Candy Rain Ruston LA
Drew Landry Scott LA
Lil' Fallay Scott LA
Lil' Fallay Scott LA
Darrel Andrews Shreveport LA
Darrel Andrews Shreveport LA
Darrel Andrews Shreveport LA
dyson shreveport LA
Edie Foy Shreveport LA
Eon Shreveport LA
Jacroz Shreveport LA
Paul Christopher and Ruth Drum Shreveport LA
Seva May Shreveport LA
Steve Wilson Shreveport LA
the American Tragedy Shreveport LA
the American Tragedy Shreveport LA
the American Tragedy Shreveport LA
The Critics Shreveport LA
Veiling Iris Shreveport LA
Brian Stoltz Slidell LA
Brian Stoltz Slidell LA
Sean Fortenberry slidell LA
Diane Collins Tallulah LA
Hazard County Girls Terrytown LA
Holly Ortego Ville Platte LA

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Casual Observer
Casual Observer
Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 23
I'm checking in...

I now live in Nashville, but travel to NOLA now and then, would love to participate. I'll post a message to a couple of groups to let them know you're looking for New Orleans folks.

Lee Quick
New Orleans member

[This message has been edited by leequick (edited 09-29-2006).]

Lee Quick
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Top 20 Poster
Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 8,318
Ever present and accounted for!

"Grits is one of those country-boy words that is both singular and plural-like deer, elk and sheep. I think the singular is appropriate when there's a modifier that makes it clear one is talking about something specific. Like, 'Grits are good for you, but these here grits is tasty.'"~~Joe Wrabek

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