Wheaton Arts & Entertainment Task Force
Wheaton, Maryland

Release Date: March 22, 2005 Contact: Joy Mara
Wheaton Arts & Entertainment Task Force

Wheaton Group Needs Local Artists, Musicians

The Wheaton Arts and Entertainment Task Force, a citizen advisory group sponsored by the Montgomery County Government, is creating a network of visual and performing artists who live or work in Wheaton/Kensington. The artists in the network will be invited to help shape the vision for Wheaton and the arts as part of Wheaton’s redevelopment. Another goal for the network is sharing information about local arts activities, such as exhibits open to area artists or performance opportunities.
“Redevelopment offers an opportunity for expanding the focus on the arts in Wheaton, “ says Theresa Cameron, Executive Director of the Montgomery County Arts and Humanities Council and an ex-officio member of the Task Force. “The Task Force wants to find out what local artists and musicians need and their ideas for making Wheaton a vibrant arts community. We’re looking for professionals as well as those who play music, sing, dance, or work in creative arts as an avocation.”
To join the network, call the Wheaton Redevelopment Office at 240-777-8126 or email

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