The next showcase/meeting of the Tampa Bay Chapter of Just Plain Folks will be held at The Rock Hard Cafe 5915 Memorial Hwy in Tampa on Sunday July 30th.
Everyone is welcome to attend and to bring your instrument and perform. Singles, duos, trios and full bands are encouraged and welcome. Here is the schedule...
2:30...P.A. and Stage setup.
We need to know how many if any full bands we should expect. If we do not have bands RSVPing in a timely manner there is no sense in setting up drums, keyboards etc.
3:30...Meet and Greet
This is your chance to sign up for the showcase and to network with some of the best artists in Tampa Bay.
I will cover a few issues then you have a chance to announce any upcoming gigs etc.
5 m...Showcase
Your chance to showcase two songs on one of the hottest bandstands in Tampa Bay. Originals are encouraged, covers are acceptable. We will have allot of folks who will want to perform so please be courteous and limit songs to under five minutes each.
Please bring your friends and family. Remember, "If you don't make a big deal about your music don't expect anyone else to".
Keep Strummin' Al Alvarez
Tampa Bay Chapter Coordinator
Peace Out,Jerry Jakala
Tampa Bay Chapter Co-Coordinator