Hi Folks, The first meeting of the Lorain County and Vicinity Chapter is to be held at 3pm to 4:30 pm September 15th, Saturday at the Lorain Public Library, south branch on Homewood Drive in Lorain. We have room for 50 people and can open the room to accomodate 100 if you bring some friends. This will be an organizational meeting so if you want to get in on the ground floor and be in the first roster of this chapter, we welcome you. We have some exciting things in mind and need people to make it happen. I hope to see you there. Here are more detailed directions:
Exit 8 off the turnpike, Lorain Exit puts you on Rt 57 going North. The second traffic light will be Homewood Drive. Turn left and the Library is the first red brick building after St John's Church on the corner. Also, I 90 exit at Rt 57 north. Same deal. You are on the right road to Homewood Drive. I will post the dates again in the news on the business page of the local newspapers and the Cleve. Plain Dealer. See you in September. Idamarie