Hi Everyone,
I am finally set on my travel dates for the first ever visit to a whole bunch of cool places we've been wanting to get to since we started the group. This is square 1 on this trip and we need venues, places to stay and people to meet/visit/hang out with for nearly every day.

If you can help out to get some venues, rather than go into all the details of what we need here, please contact me directly at jpfolks@aol.com. Please place the CITY in the subject so I can quickly search for and find it.

Here are the dates:

Aug 11: Chicago (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 12: Chicago (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 13: Chicago (Travel)
Aug 14: Des Moines (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 15: Omaha (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 16: Kansas City (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 17: Topeka/Lawrence (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 18: Denver (Travel)
Aug 19: Denver (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 20: Denver (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 21: Cheyenne (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 22: Salt Lake City (Travel)
Aug 23: Salt Lake City (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 24: Boise (Travel)
Aug 25: Boise (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 26: Portland (Travel)
Aug 27: Portland (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 28: Seattle (Travel)
Aug 29: Vancouver (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 30: Seattle (Show/Meeting Date)
Aug 31: Seattle (Tourist Day)
Sep 1: Spokane/Coeur d'Alene (Travel)
Sep 2: Spokane/Coeur d'Alene (Show/Meeting Date)
Sep 3: Missoula/Bozeman (Show/Meeting Date)
Sep 4: Yellowstone (Tourist Day)
Sep 5: Yellowstone (Show/Meeting Date)
Sep 6: Grand Teton (Tourist Day)
Sep 7: Little Bighorn (Tourist Day)
Sep 8: Devils Tower (Tourist Day)
Sep 9: Rapid City (Show/Meeting Date)
Sep 10: Rapid City (Travel)
Sep 11: Sioux Falls (Show/Meeting Date)
Sep 12: Minneapolis (Show/Meeting Date)
Sep 13: Minneapolis (Show/Meeting Date)

Where it says (Show/Meeting Date) those are the possible dates I can be there for a Just Plain Folks Showcase (if there are enough interested members) or a friendly networking gathering if there are less, but at least a half dozen or more folks. I expect it is likely we'll have showcases in almost every city, though Montana, Wyoming, Kansas and Spokane/Coeur d'Alene may have to be member meetings if we don't drum up enough member interest.

The tour is pretty linear.. one city to the next in a logical pathway (contrary to Derek Sivers advice in the last newsletter, I hate back tracking and moving helter skelter myself).

I look forward to seeing tons of new folks on the road. Remember, we choose the Live Artist of the Year winner solely from Roadtrip Showcases, so if you want to be considered for the Featured Slot in Hollywood next March, come on out and perform!

See you all on the Road!


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
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