Below are several recent songs that we wrote, and on site, there
are over 200 more, along with over 150 lyrics waiting to be songs

If songs stop, or buffers, others on website are playing the same
song, you might try playing another one, or go to the site to hear
another song that has no traffic trying to hear it.

Each song below is 80 second sample

"The World Center Tragedy"
How the news hit writers 9-11-01

"If There Was No America"
What would happen to world if USA wasn't here?

"She Change My Life"
Upbeat possible Top 10 hit

"Trail Of Tears"
Instrumental composed by Glenn Smith

Alan Jackson's comments inspired:
"God Has Written Every Song"

"Reach Out To The Lord"
Up beat Gospel with message delivered

Tribute song to Waylon Jennings:
"Waylon Wouldn't Bend"

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