howd that happen? LOL

Ive done close to a 100 songs with Udio, of which i have maybe 25-30 ones i really like, some so so, others meh.

But ive been scanning the forum for old stuff and Im finding some of my decent hooks, but not stuff that was full song good.

I have windows 98 disk with a shiteload of stuff not sure how I can get that, the times i tried to get them from a disk transfer device it was password protected with no way to know wtf my password was in 98

I have about 5 songs, that i wont put through udio, because I liked them so much already from writing them that I wont let udio have them.

But this is a strange spot for me, ive always had songs.

Couchgrouch must have 5000 lyrics posted, wonder if he's using udio.

Also having trouble writing new stuff, i guess everybody hits a wall at some point.

Im waiting for AI to evolve to a point where I can do to the music side, what i have been doing to the lyric side, and of course sing them.

but ill be damned...

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