Ecstatic Dance OKC
Nonprofit organization
Oklahoma City’s Ecstatic Dance ✨ Community gathered around sober, intentional, monthly, dance spaces.

Catch the magical electronic folk due Cuervo Cuervo THIS Friday, 3/15/2024, from 7-10pm at Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center ✨
Tickets available at the event link below!
We are a donation based event with a suggested donation of $25. Give what you can, and if you cannot, we'd still love to dance with you!
Ecstatic Dance is a donation based, sober, transformative dance event. We create safety through consent, presence by leaving our phones and chit chat off the dance floor, and authenticity by celebrating all forms and styles of movement. We’ll see you there!
Ecstatic Dance OKC Presents: Cuervo Cuervo Live!

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