Penelope's Thrill

Penelope's Thrill is the band and musical project of Timothy Walsh founded in 2015, based in Madison, WI. Lured out of musical retirement by his son Andrew, Walsh dusted off his guitars and picked up where he left off playing in garage bands in his youth.

Here's the new single from Penelope's Thrill! (Our second album will be out in April 2024.) "Things Are Falling Down" is now streaming everywhere. It's an upbeat song paradoxically about global warming and climate change. The infectious reggae-infused bass line and scratchy guitars make the listener perk up and listen...and eventually realize what the song is about. So it's a bit of sugar to get people to come to the table and think about the mounting crisis we're all facing...and maybe dance off some of their stress too. (Cover painting is "Amor Fati" by Kelli Hoppmann.)
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Indie rock band | Penelope's Thrill
Indie rock band | Penelope's Thrill
Penelope's Thrill is an indie rock band from Madison, Wisconsin. Founded by Timothy Walsh, who was previously known as an award-winning poet and writer, Penelope's Thrill released its debut album, "Twilight on Tunnel Road," on April 30, 2021.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?