Tame The Rooster

Meet Tame The Rooster, a vibrant & irresistible 7 piece modern country band from New York’s capital.

The show you've been waiting for. This Friday, February 9th, 2024 Come see the hottest new band in the capital region!! This show is going to be one for the books! 🐔
Introducing Tame The Rooster, a dynamic and irresistible 7-piece modern country band hailing from the heart of New York's capital region. Formed from the ground up, this musical powerhouse boasts a diverse range of influences, drawing from rock, country, blues, and pop to create a sound uniquely their own. With infectious songwriting of their own and the uncanny ability to transform covers into captivating originals, Tame The Rooster is poised to set the music scene ablaze. 🔥
Tame The Rooster
Tame The Rooster
Friday 8 PM · Rustic Barn Pub

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