The Western Civilization

Good ole' fashion indie rock from Austin, TX

👋🏻 WE WANT TO SEND YOU A FREE CD 🎵 (with a signed picture and thank you note)
Seriously… if you like what you hear in this video and don’t mind covering the shipping, we want to send you a limited edition CD (and download) along with a handwritten note and signed picture for FREE.
The CD is a limited edition compilation that we’re calling “Mixtape #1” and includes 5 songs from our upcoming record, “Fractions of A Whole”, as well as 4 remastered songs from our 1st record, “Letters of Resignation”. We created it solely for the purpose of introducing new people to our music (that’s you, we hope).
So, you’re probably wondering one of two things (or maybe both)...
1. Why are you doing this?! 🧐
We just really want to connect with new people that are interested in what we’re doing and sending you a package in the mail feels like the most direct (and fun) way to do that! We’ve poured everything into these songs and we’d rather lose a little money physically sending them directly to people that are truly interested than continue losing money anyway trying to get people to go listen to them once on Spotify or whatever.
These songs really mean the world to us and we just want you to hear them.
2. Who in their right mind wants a CD anymore?! 🤯
We kind of wondered the same thing. But as it turns out, a lot more people than you realize!. Even if you’re not that person, you’ll also get a free download for some music that you currently can’t get anywhere else. So it’s a unique opportunity to hear some unreleased music that you’ll hopefully totally fall in love with and also snag some cool limited edition merch in the process.
So, if you dig the music in this video and you want to take a chance on something new, we’d LOVE to send you a package.
(and if you feel bad about paying $0, you can pay what you want or get some extra goodies when you click over, but that’s all totally optional!)
So what do ya say? Let’s be friends… ❤️

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?