APRIL 19th - 20th 2024 // Rockcastle Riverside KY

🐕‍🦺 Does it smell like up dawg in here ??
Introducing Kentucky’s alternative folk trio SadBlackLab to the SKRIMP SCAMPI lineup!!
The arrangement of guitarist/vocalist Greg McIntosh, violinist/vocalist Emily Miller, and bassist Ellis Waddell, has been described as being very “non-derivative”. The sound consists of rhythmic finger-style guitar, dark and melodic vocals, bold colors and fluid delivery from violin strings, and uniquely stylized upright bass. The trio is capable of blending seamlessly between moments of beautiful chaos and syncopated intensity, inviting the listener into their narrative sound space.
This trio has it all … Well, except for one thing that we felt would be an important edition. Exclusively for SKRIMP SCAMPI we have the CatDog Collaboration Experiment, this is a seemless transition for the opening sets of the event on Friday April 19th 2024
“Change Overs” .. This is an industry term for when one band gets off stage and switches with another band. Here at SKRIMP SCAMPI we don’t want the party to stop so we figured why wait for the fun.
The CatDog Collaboration Experiment will show case two bands with two different sounds blending and sharing the stage as one .. the first band will rock the stage as themselves and as they come to a close members from SadBlackLab will join the stage & jam as the previous band members begin exit the stage. Thus creating a seemless transition from one band to the next with a collaborative jam in between the change over.
We know that SadBlackLab must be the dog addition to the CatDog Collaboration Experiment.. but, who are the cool cats & kittens?
Guess we will have to wait to figure that one out..
SadBlackLab at 8:00pm 4/19/2024
Rockcastle Riverside, Livingston KY
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APRIL 19th - 20th 2024 // Rockcastle Riverside KY

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