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Dachshund is a progressively-minded rock band hailing from Oklahoma, the gothic-conservative heart of

This weekend is the perfect time to discover our new album! You can stream it for free on Bandcamp! We just released it on Thursday (Oct. 2023). It's full of spooky songs, nostalgic vibes, and campy horror-show lyrics with a sneaky kind of depth.
In the title-track, a young couple riding a haunted-house sneak out of their cart, to go make-out behind a gory display, while in a parallel universe Adam and Eve conspire toward the forbidden. In another, a 13-year-old boy begins to discover that he's a werewolf. In yet another, a serial-killer's murders become revered as high-art. It's a big, surreal, cinematic kind of album. Put it in on your personal airwaves, and make us a part of your Halloween weekend!
Phantasmagoria, by Dachshund
Phantasmagoria, by Dachshund
13 track album

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