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SHK is Sullivan, Haggerty & Kitay. We book music events at Boston Harbor Distillery & Warehouse XI

The Nephrok! All-Stars are coming Thursday, Oct 11, 2023 to help us break in our new music series at Warehouse XI. The Warehouse is a wonderfully intimate, casual event space in Union Square (in the alley behind the Independent and Bronwyn).
Nephrok is one of the most entertaining front-men around. He and his band will be performing great Soul, R&B, and Funk tunes.
His bandmates are true local all-stars - on guitar and sharing vocal duties is Sonya Rae Taylor, a wonderful singer, songwriter and bandleader in her own right, her most talented husband Ryan Taylor on bass, the “Professor of Funk” Big Ben Hillman on keys and Peter “Pocket” McLean on drums.
This is gonna be one helluva party and a great excuse to check out Warehouse XI.

The following night (Friday) at our Boston Harbor Disitllery location, we're hosting Vapors of Morphine and on Saturday Jamie Walker and 8 of his incredibly talented friends.
Also coming up on Wed Nov 1, 2023 at the Warehouse is FANDANGO and on Thu Nov 2 - a double bill featuring B-L-A-H (Brennan, Levine, Anzalone and Haggerty) and B-B-B (the Bob Bradshaw Band).
Check out for our full schedule.
The Nephrok! All-Stars at Warehouse XI
The Nephrok! All-Stars at Warehouse XI
Thursday 7:30 PM · Warehouse XI

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