Mamma was sassy and sarcastic
A poet of sorts and scholastic
Daddy was brutal in business
But love to party in never tell Vegas
Grandpa was in the mafiaso
Distant cousin to Lucky Luciano
I was born a F-15 hurricane
I love spinning weathervanes
Like A Mexico Gulf stream
100 miles per hour and mean
Danger runs in my veins
I was born a F-15 hurricane
Post chorus
Brothers with a cyclone spiral
Texas storm causing trouble
Wife's ? burn thru them like matches
They left in all the ruff patches
I've set on fire a few guitars
In broken neon light run down bars
Twister of a heart and soul
Live and die on a whiskey road
I look like ole Willie Nelson
Without the fame and millions
Been broke more than rich
Tattoo of life's a bitch

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