Elm Treason
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Hey guys! We are an indie rock n roll duo out of NYC. We keep an open line of communication open with


🎸 So, you dig guitar-driven feel-good groove rock? Cool. How about a FREE CD?🎸
No games. No tricks. No bait n switch stuff.
Here's the thing... It's hard for an indie band.
Seriously, how does a hard working rock and roll duo with a decidedly NON-TOP-40 sound get new listeners?
Radio just isn't a real option anymore - not like it used to be.
Sure, there's still a few good stations out there, but because our vibe is considered "niche" now, airplay for a band like us is very limited. After all, we play our own instruments. Quaint.
So, we hit social media.
But how ridiculous it is that new music these days has to be experienced in flimsy 15-second chunks in someone's newsfeed or on streaming services that barely pay?!
Fact is... there's a ton of great new music out there not getting heard. And we want to be doing what we do, grooving the way we do for people who ACTUALLY care.
So we had an idea.
No joke.
Bring back the compact disc as a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hands, read-the-insert-and-check-out-the-artwork, physical memento of our appreciation to you for giving our music a try.
Historically, whether on CD or vinyl, physical music has always CONNECTED with people. That's what WE want to do.
So... we want to send you our album "RHYME AND TREASON" on CD. For $0. NOTHING. Simply cover postage. We'll do the rest.
Why are we doing this, you may ask?!
Because we would rather lose money sending a CD to someone who was GENUINELY INTERESTED in supporting and getting to know our music than lose money on Spotify.
Hope that makes sense.
Sending you a package is more fun anyway, right?
So, if you dig the vibe of the music in this video, and you want to take a chance on a couple of guitar bangers who are dying to share their tunes with you, we'd LOVE to send you this CD.
We'll even autograph it and send you a couple of extra goodies.
(And hey, if you really feel bad about paying $0, you can send a tip, but it ain't necessary)
Just hit this link --> https://elmtreason.com/rhyme-and-treason-free <--- or click on the "Get Offer" button.
Anyway, we appreciate you taking the time. Whatever your jam, play loud, LISTEN LOUDER!

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you? www.garyeandrews.com