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Gabriele has a sound that conveys peace and is yet exhilirating at the same time. It's Ella's love a

Hey, Vocal Jazz and Latin Music Lovers!

One of the coolest things about Vocal Jazz with Latin and World Influences is that this music puts you immediately in a great mood.
It’s diverse and brings people together from all various backgrounds.
The fusion of vocal jazz with grooves and stylings from places like Brazil, Latin America or Asia brings a worldview to vocal jazz that will transport you instantly to exotic places.

Vocal Jazz with Latin and World Influences puts you in a relaxed state of mind...
But then, suddenly, you might be dancing.

New York City is a magical place that has one of the most diverse palettes of artists venturing into world influences.
My name is Gabriele Tranchina and I have dedicated my heart and soul to Vocal Jazz with Latin and World Influences.
My quest is to build a cultural bridge by drawing from the world’s beauty and diversity. And the way I do it is through creating Vocal Jazz with Latin, Brazilian and World Influences.

My music is on a mission to destress you.
Rhythms, grooves and melodies. Nice.
I'm a pacifist and believe that Vocal Jazz With Latin and World Influences works to make the world a better place.

Folks that listen to my music have very personal reactions. And that’s what makes this journey so special.
Most of the time I don’t pay too much attention to “critics” but Christopher Loudon of Jazz Times did write something about me that sort of brings it all together:
“ Tranchina can swing with the vivacity of Anita O’Day and echo the fragility of Astrud Gilberto on ballads, but there is nothing derivative in her kaleidoscopic flourishes, embracing chants, rap, spoken passages and vocalese.”
- Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

I decided to post this to you because I figured you and I may have some things in common:
We love vocal jazz music.
We love the idea of One-World and people thriving by living peacefully together in a multi-cultural environment
We love Latin Jazz and Brazilian Music.
We love music that connects us to other parts of the world.
We love to relax when we listen to music or jump up and dance your heart out!

I would love to know what you think about Vocal Jazz with Latin and World Influences.
So, I decided that I would give you the greatest gift that is uniquely mine to give. Original, heart-felt honest Vocal Jazz with Latin and World Influences.
I want to send you my very best tracks…. six of them in fact!
But these musical tracks are not just any musical tracks. They are high resolution tracks.
What this means is that when you listen to these tracks you will be hearing 100 times the quality of what you are used to from Streaming Platforms like Spotify, YouTube, etc.
This is a high-quality listening experience where you can really hear and distinguish the unique instruments and sounds that make Latin and World influenced Vocal Jazz so special.

I’m also going to “curate” the tracks for you. This means you will get additional insights as you listen.
As you listen you will be transported to the streets of places like Rio De Janeiro or New York with me.

And this is a gift. I will give it to you at no cost!

If you love artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Flora Purim, Sade, Jon Lucien and Astrud Gilberto, I promise you this sound will excite you.
I think you will love the way my band and I breathe Latin and World influences into Vocal Jazz.

And since this is the internet after all, you may be saying to yourself right now… “why are you giving this away for free?”
I’m glad you asked!
There are two reasons:
First and foremost, I think this music will inspire you, soothe you and lift up your spirit…and I know I love it when music does that for me.
I also hope that if you accept this invitation and experience these no-cost curated tracks, you will completely fall in love with the music!
You may end up being the next biggest fan of Vocal Jazz with Latin and World Influences. And that is what I want!
When you click on this post you will be directed to a page where you can tell me where to send your 6 curated tracks right away!
I can’t wait to meet you inside the universe of Latin and World influenced Vocal jazz.
musically yours
Gabriele Tranchina
Vocal Jazz Artist with Latin and World Influences
Get 6 Curated Music Tracks by clicking on this post!
Get 6 Curated Music Tracks by clicking on this post!
Available for a limited time.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?