Leroy Ellington & the E-Funk Band, The Reunion

Sunday, June 25, 2023, @ 2 PM

You haven’t seen Leroy Ellington & The E-Funk Band since 2016!
AND NOW….. 9 years later
the group is Bringin’ Back The Funk!
E-Funk hit the stage for the first time on March 1st, 1992 at The Main Street Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio!
For ••22 YEARS••they performed together across the city and to a crowd of fans for the last time in The Music Hall Ballroom on New Year’s Eve 2016. 🎉
The reunited E-Funk band will be performing their hearts out on Sunday June 25th at The St. Veronica Church Festival.
Leroy Ellington and the E-Funk Bank will be bringin’ the groove, the saxophones, the soul and playin’ that funky music from 2pm - 6pm!
😎 🎸🎷✨✨✨✨ Be There! ✨
St. Veronica Church Festival
4473 Mt Carmel Tobasco Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45244

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