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Dzidzor (pronounced Jee-Joh) is a Ghanaian-American folklore, performing artist, and curator.

Wilderness Series: Reconfiguring God is a 60-minute sonic experimental live performance installation in the historic Old North Church. The performance examines the connection between faith and the continued struggle for justice and civil rights. Historically, the voices of African American women are often ignored and excluded in religious and social justice spaces. Dzidzor explores African American women’s voices and reconsiders how we conceive of God by centering African American women’s religious experiences and reflections. Using images, videos, live sampling of sound, and speeches within a sound collage, the performance observes Dzidzor interacting and molding a God to love herself — Black, woman, and living. The performance features a sonic collage that explores conversations between African American women across time, with an A.I. "god’" This god was birthed from a resistance to the colonial erasure of faith-based practice that included the liberation of Black people. These voices are displayed and magnified as an act of self-preservation and determination. Her presentation invites the audience to participate through call and response by speaking, chanting, singing, and yelling. She ponders on the question, "What does it look like to reconfigure God to love myself?"
Wilderness Series welcomes the audience on a journey through multiple realms, times, and spaces. It explores the work of healing, rest, and living as expressed through the words of African American woman religionists, including Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, and so many others. Join Dzidzor as she journeys through the voices of African American women from across history to shepherd us through the wilderness.
Everyone is welcome to attend a pre-performance outdoor reception at 6:45pm. Meet Dzidzor and enjoy some sweet treats! Doors will open for seating at 7:15pm.
About the Artist
Dzidzor (pronounced Jee-Joh) is a Ga-Ewe folklore performing artist. She is the Community Liaison for Northeastern University’s The Reckonings Project, a community-archivist platform that supports BIPOC people in curating their histories. Dzidzor’s style of live sampling, soundscapes, and writing is curious about the ideas of God, community, church, home, Blackness, and identity. Her performance art actively demystifies the concept that artists are to be watched. Instead, Dzidzor invites the audience to ‘perform’ and actively participate in the work of creating. Her collaborative performances acknowledge the community’s collective wisdom and knowing.
Dzidzor is inspired by Toni Morrison’s call to imagine. In her novel, Beloved, Morrison wrote, “The only grace that you can have, is the grace that you can imagine.” Through the practice of Theopoetics, call and response, and community archiving, Dzidzor calls on the practice of imagination now and in the future. She invites you, her audience, to define freedom, to imagine, to rest, and to live. Learn more at
Veronica Labanca serves as the program's talented Tech Director.
Special thanks to the guidance and mentorship of Shively T.J. Smith and Louis Chude-Sokei.
Thank you to the Mass Cultural Council and Boston University School of Theology for their generous funding of this program.
Reconfiguring God: An Experimental Sonic Performance
Reconfiguring God: An Experimental Sonic Performance
Jun 3, 2023 7 PM · Old North Church & Historic Site

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