Sweet Leda
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5-time Tri State Indie award winner! Rock and soul. Check sweetleda.com, Instagram, Spotify, etc!

***BRAND new video for our song "Down"!!
Please check out the video and leave us a groovy comment on Youtube such as "heck yeah" or "y'all are so snuggly."
This tune is on our brand new EP coming 5/30
Pre-order vinyl, CDs, and pre-save digital HERE:
Thanks so much to Charles Kavoossi for being the evil genius behind this project. Thanks to Jessica Dean for making me look fabulous. And thanks to Paul’s Cullen-ary Company and The Room at Cedar Grove: Paul Kares for letting us use their venue alllll day!

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you? www.garyeandrews.com