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Hey fellow folkies!
Do you love songs with a story? Songs that have something to say?
Songs that make you think and feel a human connection so you know you're not alone in the things you care about.
You know, those songs that really hit a nerve.
I think that's why I love folk music so much and it's definitely what I try to include in my own songs.
I'm singer-songwriter from the UK that specializes in story songs and I'd love to send you a few of my songs without cost.
I'm also including illustrated sleeve notes and lyrics. So you can read about the stories behind the songs.
Why is it without cost? Well, being completely honest, if you like the songs maybe you'd be happy to hear more from me in the future.
So click here to grab them!
Keep strumming and singing,
Amy xx
P.S. This will only be available for a limited time

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