My Heart
(copyright Mike Carroll)

Medics responding
From my call
To my heart laying
On the floor
Strapped to a gurney
Carried off
To the ambulance
Out front

In my car
I followed
My heart transported
To the hospital
My heart was taken
To the emergency room
I had to wait
In the waiting room

Sirens racing
To save my heart
Through the red lights
The ambulance soared
To the hospital
Code three
All in saving
My heart for me

Doctor told me my heart was in shock
The impact was more than it could absorb
Said there would need to be an operation
Immediately, my hearts fate, uncertain

Doctor stepped in
The waiting room
Said all is fine now
We healed the wound
Doctor showed me
What was found
Deep in my heart
Was an arrow

I walked my heart
Out the doors of the hospital
On the way to my car
I met a girl