~~~~~~~~Flights Of Thought.~~~~~~~~~

Imagine now the
speed and grace
at which the flight of
thoughts take place
with no wings at all
to ease its pace
as it’s launched from
what your brain creates
it’s invisible,
it holds no weight
faster then the
speed of light it takes
an exit out of
your brainwaves
where in microseconds
it translates
what your vocal chords
and tongue translate
whether greetings
or in long debates
what was in your
mind it clearly states
what you‘ve thought up
with so few mistakes
so much faster then
your eyes can blink
it expresses what you think
what a marvelous ability
that was granted to
both you and me
faster then this song
could ever be
giving us the capabilities
to communicate so easily
and bringing
endless possibilities
for our flights of
thoughts to so easily
invent so many things we need
or entertain us as we sleep
in trillions of thoughts we
free from our brain
in ways that
I cannot explain
from the goo-goo
of a babies speech
to the last words when
our ends are reached
flights of thought are
endlessly unleashed
some shallow, others
so damned deep
flights of thought
decide most everything
and we seldom know
what they will bring
till we express
what’s happening
as they rocket from
our fertile minds
and cause others
thoughts to be inclined
to flights of fancy every time
it’s the way our brains
were all designed
so let your thoughts
flow unconfined
as I finish up this
song of mine
whose music
was inspired by
a Norwegian who
let his thoughts fly
there’s no end to what
your mind can do
your flights of thought
can make dreams come true
so take a ride
with much delight
on your flights of thought
every day and night……
Godspeed to you
on every flight.

By Matthew F. Blowers III--©-2023
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio


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