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We came into our lives
through the longings of two
to create a family
that always will be
our sweetest legacy......
our sweetest legacy

We are born
with a longing
as we exit the womb
to be held and find warmth
in a maternity room.

Till we’re longing for milk
nature made smooth as silk
and it helps us grow
towards more longings
we’ll know.

As teens we are longing
to find companionship
holding hands, fingers slip
in a most breathless grip
and the taste of sweet lips
first loves we won’t forget.

Then at last we’ll meet love
that is lasting and true
and we’ll long
to be with them
in all that we do
for better or worse
down the aisle we’ll be led
with two hearts
both longing
joyously to be wed

Longing is a huge circle.
that embraces our lives
even though some dreams fail
longings always survive
and when what we desire
becomes what we acquire
we dance and we laugh
so glad to be alive

We'll long for this world
throughout all our lives spent
and we’ll spend our lives yearning
just to find what we’ve dreamt
even though there are longings
that are twisted and bent
and quite often our desires
can tease and torment
we live for those longings
that leave us content.

We’ll still long for this world
when we all don’t have that long
and we’ll long for it after
we are gone and move on

But we’ll leave behind dreamers
who will share knowledge of
all the longings we knew
that turned into sweet love

Incredible Music Composed &
Played by Daniel Natter-©-2022
Lyrics & Vocals Written & Sung
by Matthew F. Blowers III--©-2022
at: Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
Photo credit to

We all have longings we seek to Fulfill,